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I specialise in tutoring Mathematics at various levels ranging from KS1 to A-level (including eleven plus),which extended over a year of experience in tutoring, mostly involving GCSE mathematics and providing help sessions in A-Level Mathematics. Where I was assisting children with varying abilities to gain knowledge in their respective targeted subjects and developing assessments for students to maintain steady academic progress. During the private tuition session I would tailor my lessons to the students’ needs by assessing them in areas of weakness and help preparing them for examination through supervised practice along with continuous feedback. I am currently working towards a Mathematics BSc degree, and in the duration of my studies have garnered well over 100 plus hours of experience tutoring both primary and secondary school students. Most notably, I have also tutored students who are trying to get into grammar schools or university . Having sat these exams for Latimer and Henrietta Barnett before and passed, I am well versed in how best to prepare for 11+ exams and have an understanding in which concepts students tend to struggle with. Hence a benefit of choosing me as a tutor is that I know why students struggle with these specific areas. Such concepts and areas require a patient tutor to help explain topics to students; I have the capability to explain ideas in a clear and concise manner which is best suited to the student’s needs. Mathematics is an abstract subject that is found in every matter known to man, it is the universal language used to communicate with pupils with a mathematical related background from all over the world. It’s this very notion that I eagerly want to demonstrate and hopefully help the students comprehend the importance of mathematics in this world as it expands your horizon to think outside the frame and betters your judgement. So for me to be able to give the opportunity to breakdown the topics into its very core will ultimately help them be able to solve clearly and concisely any mathematical problem with ease as they will approach it with logical reasoning and quantitative calculations. I am a strong believer in the saying ‘Practice makes Perfect’; especially in such a practical subject as Maths. Hence, work will be set at the end of every session to reinforce what they have learnt in the lesson. This extra work set will include everything they have learnt from the first lesson I have tutored them. Ultimately, I understand the importance of achieving top grades at GCSEs and A-Levels as it will be a foundation for further higher studies. Having sat the exams and tutored several students on a regular basis, I am well revised on both the old specification and the new specification. I for one will be able to show the students the concept behind such complex topics within mathematics and provide them with a better understanding and a clearer insight into this ever-growing subject. Hopefully these contents will not only successfully achieve their target grades or higher, but they will be able to enhance their intellect and progress further with precision.

Class Information:

  • Go over curriculum, plan lesson in accordance to the students needs and areas of weakness.
  • Go over exam papers and cover any areas of doubt and help prepare them for examination through supervised practice along with continuous feedback.
  • Set pre-lesson revision questions and homework at the end of every session to reinforce what they have learnt in the lesson

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