Over 40’s Beauty Masterclass

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Specialising in make up skills for teens and adults. I retrained as a makeup artist thirteen years ago, after working in the fashion industry for more than a decade.

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I retrained as a makeup artist thirteen years ago, after working in the fashion industry for more than a decade. Initially my work was mostly bridal with some fashion and beauty work. I then started to team with local photographers to provide women in business makeup for their headshots and professional branding. Four years ago I realised there was a gap in the market for makeup workshops for women (particularly over 40) that wanted to refresh their make up skills that needed more interaction and personal advice than YouTube. I started my “refresh your makeup skills” workshops and 1-1 lessons which have been so popular. I also offer workshops or 1-1 lessons to teenagers – bespoke advice will teach them skills that will enhance their natural beauty rather than trying to copy their favourite influencer’s style that might not suit them. I offer vouchers for online lessons that can be purchased for birthdays, Christmas etc.

Class Information:

Stuck in a rut with your makeup?

Your makeup doesn’t look right anymore, so you you end up taking it all off ?

You look younger without make-up now and don’t know why?

Want to try to some new techniques but don’t know where to start ?

Feel completely intimidated by staff at make-up counters, so avoid like the plague?  (Anyway the lighting is so bad, right?)

Hate YouTube tutorials?

Your teenage daughter’s makeup bag looks better than yours?


Bombarded and overwhelmed with all the new brands out there?                                       

This masterclass runs through my favourite products and basic tricks for women over 40. I will run through skincare advice, makeup bases (knowing your skin tone) & demo a fool proof day and night look for you try. At the end of the session, I will email over what I have covered.

Materials Required:

Have your makeup bags ready so I can quickly see what products you are using. you can have a pen and paper ready to make notes but don’t worry I will email over what we have covered afterwards.



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