Teenage Skincare & Makeup Masterclass

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Specialising in make up skills for teens and adults. I retrained as a makeup artist thirteen years ago, after working in the fashion industry for more than a decade.

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I retrained as a makeup artist thirteen years ago, after working in the fashion industry for more than a decade. Initially my work was mostly bridal with some fashion and beauty work. I then started to team with local photographers to provide women in business makeup for their headshots and professional branding. Four years ago I realised there was a gap in the market for makeup workshops for women (particularly over 40) that wanted to refresh their make up skills that needed more interaction and personal advice than YouTube. I started my “refresh your makeup skills” workshops and 1-1 lessons which have been so popular. I also offer workshops or 1-1 lessons to teenagers – bespoke advice will teach them skills that will enhance their natural beauty rather than trying to copy their favourite influencer’s style that might not suit them. I offer vouchers for online lessons that can be purchased for birthdays, Christmas etc.

Class Information:

Worried your teenager is wearing a “mask” of  makeup?

  Over contouring lovely features away?

Making teenage skin worse by wearing too much foundation?

Trying to copy their favourite celebrity/influencer rather than knowing what suits them?

Using face wipes (full of alcohol & other nasties) to take their makeup off at night.

 Sound familiar? 

A lot of teenagers just want to cover any skin issues going on and then do a full face of makeup they don’t need, making their skin even worse. Most schools allow “natural” makeup now so lets make sure they do it right. This masterclass will run through skincare, knowing their skin tone for chsoign the right bases. I will go through concealing and a natural look for school. I will also rung through an look for going out. I will also discuss current trends in makeup. I find teenagers prefer to listen, so I normally get through a lot. Don’t worry I will send through an email afterwards outlining what we have covered with a face chart.  This makes a great birthday present particularly if you get them to do this with their friends.

Materials Required:

Bring your makeup bags so I can see what your are currently using. Have a pen and paper to hand but I will send through an email/face chart afterwards outlining what we have covered.



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