Our aim is to offer a wide variety of classes to a broad range of Learners, across a range of subjects, specialist fields of study and general interest courses. 


Academic Classes or Course Series

One-to-one or small group classes or courses teaching a tailored academic curriculum to school aged children.

Master Classes

Individual or small group classes on specialist subjects led by leaders and experts in the field.


One-to-one, face-to-face or virtual tutoring sessions to support or improve your academic performance or exam preparation.

If you would like to join the Maze Academy Learner’s community, register yourself to the platform for free, create a profile and you are ready to go! You can start browsing our selection of courses, review Leaders’ profiles and find the right course and instructor for you!

We’ve got some questions and we are sure you do, too…

Our community utilizes on-line video conferencing to deliver our classes LIVE and in real time. Some examples of platforms include Zoom, Cisco Systems, Google Meet, etc. Whichever delivery method your instructor chooses, all are a simple and FREE download to your computer, phone or tablet.

 By becoming a member of our growing Learner’s community through our platform,  you agree that sessions may be recorded by The Maze Academy in order to protect all parties.

You are in control – schedule classes at times that are convenient for you. Generally, class availability will be either for 1-1 and other bespoke small group sessions OR for a particular class or series of classes on offer. Our calendar will be searchable for either.

Most Leaders will schedule their classes are far as possible and every Sunday we will promote the schedule for the following week.

The Maze Academy is very sensitive to the current global economic situation, triggered by the Coronavirus. We want to be able to help as many Learners as possible and encourage our Leaders to set affordable rates, while generally offering the flexibility for our Leaders to set their own rates. 

Learner Platform Booking Administration Fees: 

We apply a Learner Platform Administration Fee for all bookings that are purchased through the platform which equals 10% of the cost of the Class or MasterClass or groups of Classes or MasterClasses  purchased through the platform.

Learner Managed Service Offering Fee:

If you prefer the personal touch, The Maze Academy will be happy to manage all your bookings for you as part of our Learner Managed Service Offering.  For those that elect to take this service, we charge 15% of the cost of the Class or MasterClass or groups of Classes or MasterClasses that are booked through The Maze Academy and managed by The Maze Academy as part of our fully managed service offering.  

The Maze Academy utilizes PayPal as our preferred payment portal, brokering each transaction. You pay for each course through our payment portal upon registration and we look after the rest.

If users post or share any content deemed inappropriate by The Maze Academy, including but not limited to profanity or graphic images, will result in users being suspended from the The Maze Academy platform pending review.

By Registering with the Maze Academy you have acknowledged you have read and agree to the above. 

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